From Charity to Change

Reimagining citizenship education, and repositioning nonprofits, for systemic change.


What we do

From Charity to Change helps current and future social change agents understand and apply systems change strategies to redress the root causes of complex problems, through processes aligned with social justice principles.

Who we help

Nonprofit Leaders

We help proximate leaders clarify and realize their vision, positioning nonprofits for sustainability, scale, and systemic impact at all stages of organizational life cycle—from start-up, to turnaround.


 We help philanthropy support proximate leaders in designing and implementing systems change initiatives, which leverage private dollars with public investment for sustainable, scalable change.


We help educators inspire and prepare justice-oriented citizens, at the secondary and post-secondary level, by integrating education on the systemic causes and solutions to complex social problems.

Who we are

Alison Badgett, EdD
Founder and Principal Consultant

With 20 years of experience leading nonprofits, my expertise is in designing systems change initiatives through integrated programmatic, policy, and public awareness strategies. Having served as chief executive for several coalitions, my strength is in building cohesion among diverse individuals and entities to achieve common priorities. I do this by listening—to elicit and generate a shared understanding of what to pursue and how. While I have worked on a range of issues, from affordable housing and homelessness, to public education and criminal justice, I consider myself less an issue expert than skilled at helping those closest to an issue clarify and realize their vision. With a doctorate in education, my passion is for mentoring social change agents, not only by supporting nonprofit leaders but also by reimagining citizenship education to generate the skills and mindsets for civil inquiry and action.


“Systems Change: Making the Aspirational Actionable”
in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (2022)

“Integrating Service Learning with Systemic Change” in Cases on Academic Program Redesign for Greater Racial and Social Justice (2022).