Service Options

From Charity to Change offers several levels of systems change planning support. 

3-Hour Training

Would you like to learn more about systems change? What it looks like in action, and how it can help you better achieve your mission and vision? We offer a 3-hour introductory training session in-person and online.

2-Day Workshop

Many organizations have the elements of systems change—programming, policy, and public awareness—but struggle to sufficiently align them, or communicate how they’re aligned. Our 2-day workshop is ideal for those looking to clarify and communicate their strategic priorities using a systems change framework.

Hourly Consultation

For those who’ve developed a systems change plan and are looking for support to refine it, we offer the option of hourly consultation.

3-Month Engagement

We facilitate design of systems change initiatives to achieve sustainable change. Applying social justice principles to the planning process means we’ll begin by clarifying who ought to be engaged and how in initiative design and implementation. Our goal is to help you leverage your community’s resources to achieve shared objectives, in the process building the capacity of those directly impacted by a problem to solve it.

6-Month Engagement

For those looking to adopt a systems change model for their operations as a whole, we offer comprehensive strategic planning services, to not only help you clarify priorities and high-level strategies but also develop a practical plan detailing who does what by when, with what funding, to make the aspirational actionable. Drawing on two decades of experience leading a diversity of organizations, we will meet you where you are—whether your annual operations are $15 million or $500,000—tailoring our depth of support accordingly to help you pursue sustainable change at scale.

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